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The Duke of Norfolk – President   

J.N. Stapleton  – Chairman
J.M.D. Knight, D.L. – Vice Chairman
M.S. Harrison, FCA – Hon Treasurer
J.R.T. Barclay, D.L. – Director of Cricket & Coaching

J. Ashworth
His Honour Michael Baker
J.R.T. Barclay, D.L.
A.M. Caffyn, D.L.
M.S. Harrison, FCA
Mrs E Jefferson
Mrs A Jupp

J.M.D. Knight, D.L.
M.J. Semmence
J.N. Stapleton
M. Warren

Vice Presidents
Sir Ron Brierley
C.R. Clarke, OBE
J.M.D. Knight, D.L.
A N C Wadey

J.E. Rufey - Executive Secretary
(01903 882462)
H. Spiers - Executive Assistant

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